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The third lockdown has wreaked havoc with my motivation and drive to get things done. It has resulted in me binge-watching again — something I haven’t done in so long I can’t put a time to it. I’m actually hesitant to share everything I have watched since Christmas because, well, it appears there is a lot on the list.

The Queen’s Gambit — Netflix

I must have been living under a rock before Christmas because I missed all the hype about it and even screwed my face up when it was suggested that I watch it… However, I absolutely loved it and somehow watched the whole thing in one day. I just loved Beth, the script was fantastic, the actors were perfect. I can’t talk highly enough of it… and I think I’ll probably watch it again one day.

Marcella — Netflix

Marcella is one I have watched before, and I think it might be an ITV show. It follows London detective, Marcella Backland, as she attempts to solve a series of murders believed to be committed by an unidentified serial killer. Marcella suffers from blackouts, and it all gets a bit dark a bit quickly. It’s enjoyable if you like that sort of thing, though and Anna Friel does a good job playing Marcella.

Sherlock — Netflix

I finally succumbed to Benedict Cumberbatch and watched Sherlock. Through it, I rediscovered my love of Mr Cumberbatch. I would really rather have liked to join him in his investigations. Quirky characters are always a win for me, and his portrayal of Sherlock was just perfect. And Wilson was great too… couldn’t have asked for a better cast actually.

Peaky Blinders — Series 1 — Netflix

Ok, I’ll be honest, I watched a handful of episodes and got a bit bored. It’s one I may come back to at a later date but really did move on quickly.

Baptiste — Netflix

Baptiste is a spin-off from The Missing. It follows one of the main characters, detective Julien Baptiste, looking for a missing sex worker in Amsterdam. I enjoyed The Missing (who’s lead was played by James Nesbitt), and I enjoyed Baptiste just as much. It’s definitely one I would recommend.

Colony — Netflix

I’m not sure how I even came across this one, but I’m glad I did. It’s a science fiction series set in LA after the arrival of aliens who occupy Earth. It stars Sarah Way Callies (Sara Tancredi in Prison Break) as the primary female Protagonist, Amanda Righetti (Grace Van Pelt in The Mentalist) as her sister, and Peter Jacobson (Dr Chris Taub in House) as a former Proxy. I actually did enjoy it, and hope to watch series 3 soon.

The Finder — Amazon

I bought The Finder because I remember watching it when it first came out and fancied watching it again. It was a bit expensive for what it actually is but, I’ll be honest, I enjoyed seeing it again. Walter Sherman is an ex U.S. Army major who suffered a brain injury in Iraq. He can find anything, and this is displayed throughout the series. It’s a sort of spin-off of Bones only didn’t last anywhere near as long.

The Mentalist — Season 1 — Amazon

I had actually forgotten I’d bought this one. I bought the first series yet I never got around to it. Patrick Jane is a consultant to the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and succeeds thanks to his well developed observational skills. Like Walter in The Finder, Patrick Jane is a bit of an eccentric character. He never fails to get himself into a bit of trouble but actually enjoys it.

NCIS — Season 1 — Amazon Prime

I have just started watching NCIS again. I haven’t watched in probably five years so refreshing my memory is a must. Although, maybe I’ll get bored after one season. Actually, I hope lockdown ends before I get a chance to watch it all.

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